Curated by Jake Treacy, Pearlescent Verse is a screen-based exhibition presented through the channels of SATELLITE, a project broadcast through BLINDSIDE.This curated suite of videos explores the shared experiences surrounding water – how its flux of space brings us closer together, and at times may dislocate. Bodies of water become liquid fields of poetry and politics, surging rivers of connectivity, sharing founts of knowledge, and offering a wellspring of healing. In the work of twelve contemporary artists, water carries nourishment and transformation, bringing about unity and understanding through the fluid frameworks of identity, gender, culture, and memory. The pearlescent verse speaks of social, ecological and spiritual narratives, and meditates upon the fragility of nature, human migration and the impacts of climate change. Screened across several public spaces in Australia, this exhibition promotes the richness of exchange and storytelling, respecting the Traditional Owners of the land and waterways.
“Sean Miles channels rivers of the underworld, opening chasms of volcanic terrain to exude the legends of their ancestors. In Pōhutu, sulphuric splashes erupt from the earth and spit into the sky, raining a story of metamorphosis. Birds fly through this vaporous, ever-changing space recalling the story of Maui, the trickster hero who transformed into a kererū in order to enter the underworld. A liminal portal opens, a brimstone scented threshold between two worlds, where one cannot discern the clouds in the sky from the mist of the geyser—background and foreground collapse and merge into a swell of ambiguous, billowing and almost ominous feelings, tones and textures. Here, Miles presents a space of uncertainty that may be scary for some however can be comforting for others”
- Jake Treacy