The Seventh Seal


07.07.2021 –31.07.2021

Sean Miles, Bon Mott and Agnes Whalan present an elaborate installation that considers how queer rhythms flow into processes of collaboration, exchange and transformation.

These artists transfer energy through conversation, art making, ritual, performance and gameplay to conjure and manifest concepts based on their intuition, research, ancestry, personal experiences and visions for the future. Their works interweave trickster stories, quantum physics, spirituality, social activism, queer ecologies, humour, horror and the rockstar. They work with a punk sensibility that challenges and rejects dominant modes of Western colonial and heteronormative frameworks and operation.

With their site specific work The Seventh Seal (a reference to Ingmar Bergman’s 1957 film set during the Black Death) Sean Miles and Bon Mott intertwine repurposed studio materials with personal objects to create mobile sculptures of symbols related to expansive identities and Agnes Whalan transforms a game of chess into a song and dance.

Photo documentation: Aaron Christopher-Rees. Courtesy of SEVENTH Gallery.